A hard earned reputation.

Through high-performance Hard FM and our dedicated in-house service delivery teams, we add value to your estate management strategy by maximising the lifespan of your technical assets, supplying strategic forward maintenance programmes and appropriately-timed recommendations on asset replacement and professional building maintenance.  That’s why Arthur McKay enjoys a deserved reputation for Hard FM excellence. 

This breadth of Hard FM service is hard to ignore:

  • Complete asset management strategies including lifecycle 
  • In-House 24/7 technical helpdesk
  • Planned preventative maintenance services
  • Mechanical and Electrical maintenance
  • Building fabric maintenance and repairs
  • Dilapidation strategies
  • Self delivery of projects
  • Record keeping and document management


Arthur McKay wins Erskine recognition award

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Arthur McKay is proud to have been presented with a medal of recognition from Erskine as a thank you for our continued support for the charity. 

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Arthur McKay wins Erskine recognition award

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