Keep data traffic moving in a high resilience centre.

Arthur McKay has decades of distinctively diverse data centre experience, including working with blue-chip organisations in the IT and financial sectors. We have the rare calibre of correctly qualified persons essential to the criticality of such complex projects. For example, only data-specialist staff will be assigned so there are no knock on effects such as power cuts or trip switch failures.

This enables us to consider every relevant project risk, then plan and carefully implement detailed programmes with best value, plus robust processes. Furthermore, our past performance with technology upgrades and replacements within live environments is unquestionably highly credible.

Your data centre is central to your business. Here, business continuity is crucial. If a data system becomes unavailable, company operations may be impaired or stopped completely. This could mean you lose serious sums of money, or even put people’s lives at risk. So your data needs to be kept within a centre of excellence.

Working at the leading edge we deliver large, high availability, mission critical data centres from N rating to 2(N+1), which is a key differentiator from the usual M&E contractors/building services providers.

Why not stop…and think about your continuity and our capability for a moment?

Arthur McKay wins Electrical Contractor of the Year

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Servest Arthur McKay took the top honour at this prestigious award ceremony winning “Electrical Contractor of the Year” and also being declared joint winner of the award for “Best Use of Training”, demonstrating our commitment to continuing professional development. 
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Arthur McKay wins Electrical Contractor of the Year

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