Industry standards are heating up.

We’re a Business Solutions Partner of the Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme which raises standards throughout the air conditioning industry, to ensure you peace of mind. Together we adhere to strict guidelines and provide you with an assured, uniform and professional service on which you can rely.

How will you benefit?

As a Business Solutions Partner, we will give you a 7 year warranty on air conditioning (instead of the usual 3 years).

Our strong trading relationship with Mitsubishi Electric provides you financial peace of mind so we can provide full support throughout the entire life-cycle of your air conditioning systems.

We are committed to continual training and development of our staff guaranteeing you high standards for installation and maintenance.

Together we ensure the service you receive is consistent and of the highest level.  Chat with our warm professionals to discover the sky high potential of effective comfort control.

Discover more about Mitsubishi Electric.

Founded in 1907, Mitsubishi Electric is a forward-thinking market leader in advanced air conditioning to suit all manner of applications. Powerful and energy efficient, their systems provide the perfect means of effective comfort control.

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Arthur McKay wins Erskine recognition award

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Arthur McKay is proud to have been presented with a medal of recognition from Erskine as a thank you for our continued support for the charity. 

Mitsubishi Electric Business Solutions Partner

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Arthur McKay wins Erskine recognition award

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