Some wise words about Cisco devices and intelligent buildings. 

Cisco® EnergyWise from Arthur McKay lets your Cisco network act as a platform that can measure, monitor and manage the way your devices consume energy. This intelligent energy management architecture divides your network into three kinds of devices:

  • Endpoints: the power consuming devices (you could have hundreds) which connect to the network. Increasingly, this category includes non-traditional devices, such as facility controllers, lighting, heating ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Domain members: the switches, routers, and network controllers that make up your data network proper. They are like endpoints in that they draw power, but they also act together to propagate messages across the network, to form a Cisco EnergyWise domain with other domain members and endpoints. A Cisco EnergyWise domain forms a unit of power management.
  • Managers: the control applications and devices that use Cisco EnergyWise features to measure, monitor, and manage power consumption intelligently.

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Arthur McKay wins Erskine recognition award

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Arthur McKay is proud to have been presented with a medal of recognition from Erskine as a thank you for our continued support for the charity. 

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Arthur McKay wins Erskine recognition award

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