Bring your physical security under our umbrella.

Arthur McKay will protect your people, programmes, hardware, networks and data from physical situations and events that could inflict severe losses or damage to your company. This includes safeguards against fire, natural disasters, burglary, vandalism and terrorism.

There are two key physical security solutions offered by Arthur McKay to prevent breaches:
  1. Multiple locks, fencing, walls, fireproof safes, and water sprinklers.
  2. Surveillance/notification systems such as lighting, heat sensors, smoke detectors, intrusion detectors, alarms, and cameras.

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Arthur McKay wins Erskine recognition award

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Arthur McKay is proud to have been presented with a medal of recognition from Erskine as a thank you for our continued support for the charity. 

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Arthur McKay wins Erskine recognition award

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