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IP video surveillance has been around for decades but the way the video is captured and stored is undergoing a tremendous revolution.

With Milestone’s Open Platform IP video surveillance solution XProtect® from Arthur McKay, there is no need for expensive coaxial cabling and dedicated power outlets for each camera. Plug and play with what is already in your IT infrastructure for a seamless integration and have everything running on one network.

Choose different cameras and connect them to your system so it’s simple to convert from analog. Furthermore, changing a camera placement is just as smooth; remove and plug the camera into another network jack elsewhere, while wireless cameras can be placed anywhere there is a power source. Add custom, best-in-class security solutions to your surveillance, such as access control, mobile devices and video analytics.

The open architecture of XProtect allows for endless possibilities to add features and functionality for creating powerful, custom surveillance solutions. It is the foundation enabling you to cost effectively choose the best solutions for today and tomorrow.

The Advantages

  • Everything runs on one network
  • Plug and play ease of use
  • Endless integration possiblities
  • Better use of staff and equipment resources
  • Value: with XProtect leverage existing investment in IT infrastructure and analog cameras
  • Superior scalability for changing needs and budgets: grow your system as budget allows in stages, creating a hybrid system that preserves the existing security system investment
  • Centralised operations for greater efficiency and effectiveness: all video surveillance can be housed in one facility
  • Remote viewing capabilities with XProtect Mobile: from your desktop, laptop, PDA and Smartphone and respond more intelligently.
  • Superior image quality and situational awareness
  • Real-time video intelligence
  • Digital storage


Arthur McKay wins Electrical Contractor of the Year

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Servest Arthur McKay took the top honour at this prestigious award ceremony winning “Electrical Contractor of the Year” and also being declared joint winner of the award for “Best Use of Training”, demonstrating our commitment to continuing professional development. 

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Arthur McKay wins Electrical Contractor of the Year

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