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Proud to support two UK Banking Giants in meeting government CO2 targets

By 12th November 2013Corporate Services, News, Retail

The UK has a target to reduce 20% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 and 80% by 2050.  Banks have an obligation to become involved and assist in achieving these targets and two UK Banking Giants have enrolled our services to help.

What did we do to help?

Our main consideration was the lighting installations as 25% of total energy consumption within a retail environment is directly associated with lighting. Firstly, we carried out a comparison report based on typical retail banking premises’ lighting installations. This indicated savings on running costs and CO2 emissions between the existing specifications and an alternative LED lighting installation. This comparison ensures no reduction in the lighting quality.

What was the outcome?

Our proposed LED lighting installation, when compared to the existing specified standard lighting installations, achieved reductions of 30% in CO2 emissions and 36% of running costs. Should the LED alternative lighting solution be rolled out across the Banks’ entire property portfolios, the energy and CO2 emission reductions will demonstrate a substantial commitment to achieving government targets in the coming years.

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