Fire Pumps

For large structures and high-rise buildings, a fire pump may be the solution

Fire pumps are required when the water pressure and volume available from the local main supply is not sufficient to meet the hydraulic design requirements of a fire sprinkler system. This is often the case in high rise buildings or when a high sprinkler head pressure is required to generate a high volume of water from the sprinkler, for instance in storage warehouses.  They are typically used to pump water into the fire sprinkler system from a static tank or reservoir.  A small jockey pump maintains the static pressure in the sealed fire sprinkler system so that when a sprinkler is activated, the pressure drop is sensed by the fire pump automatic controller which causes the fire pump to start.

As well as providing a wide range of suitable pumps for use with water storage tanks, Thermotech are agents for the specialist fire pumps produced by Triple P Projects. The SD range of pumps is an elegant solution where the main water pressure is insufficient to meet the needs of the water sprinkler system, without the need for a water storage tank. The SD pump is designed to maximise the water supply available from the town mains by enhancing the existing available pressure without detriment to the town’s main supply. An intelligent controller fitted within the system regulates the pump pressure ensuring that negative pressures in the town’s main cannot be created. The SD range of pumps is the only sprinkler fire pump that meets water industry guidelines for mains water supply enhancement.  They are of particular benefit when space is at a premium and offer cost savings over traditional tank and pump systems.

The SD 120 and SD 80 units are designed for residential and domestic systems designed to BS9251.

The SD 150 pump is designed for use in OH1 light hazard situations when the required pressures and flow rates are less than those produced by the SD 200.

The SD 200 pump is designed for use in commercial, retail, and education buildings, particularly where space is at a premium. Its compact size, only 1000mm x 750mm x 1200mm means it can be installed through a normal pedestrian door and delivered using a hand pallet truck.

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