Service and Maintenance

Maintenance matters.

The right approach, implemented properly, will keep your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems running efficiently, minimise the risk of breakdown, and make the most of your energy savings. Checking that HVAC systems are working as intended will help to prevent them from using energy ineffectively and lower the risk of breakdown and spiraling costs.

Regular maintenance should be undertaken for optimum performance and all HVAC components must be kept free of dirt and other obstructions in order for them to operate efficiently.

Your system should be serviced annually either by a qualified Thermotech maintenance technician. Routine maintenance is vital so that we can identify potential problems at an early stage.

Energy consumption can increase by up to 30% if regular maintenance is not undertaken.

Maintenance and energy management go hand in hand– both have the common objectives of:

  • Ensuring a building and its services continue to function reliably, efficiently, and effectively
  • Ensuring the health, safety, and comfort of occupants
  • Protecting and enhancing the value of an investment in a building and its equipment.

All maintenance work is carried out to the manufacturer’s recommendations and in line with current legislation. Thermotech engineers have an unrivaled reputation for producing high-quality HVAC servicing to all systems either in your place of business or in your home.

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