Wet and Dry Risers

Providing solutions to large water volume requirements

Wet and dry risers are systems of pipes and valves which enable the fire service to pump the large quantities of water necessary for firefighting purposes to upper floors or remote inaccessible areas within buildings.

The maintenance of dry and wet riser systems is the responsibility of the property owner. Thermotech provides the necessary maintenance to meet the requirements of BS 5306 Part 1, including visual inspections every six months and an annual service including pressure testing to 150 psi and a full wet test in the case of wet risers.

What is a wet riser?

A wet riser system is required by building regulations in occupied buildings over 50m tall and can be installed in buildings below this height.  Due to the water pressures required, these systems include duplicate automatic pumps and water storage tanks fed by the town mains, which can be augmented if necessary, by the fire service.

What is a dry riser?

A dry riser is a system maintained empty of water which is required by building regulations in occupied buildings over 18m tall.  A dry riser inlet with a minimum of twin couplings is provided typically at ground level, and which must be within 18m of a suitable access point for a fire appliance.  Outlets or landing valves are provided within the building to enable the fire service to connect throughout the property.

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