Uniquely positioned with a large in-house design team, Arthur McKay will ensure you have greater control over the development of your projects, as well as increased quality, value and efficiency.


Arthur McKay’s large in-house design team offers a fully integrated service with a dedicated team, guaranteeing your project goals are achieved.

Arthur McKay is highly regarded as a design and build contractor within the UK building services industry. With mechanical and electrical designers employed in each UK office, the team represents one of the largest in-house design resources of any building services contractor in the UK.


Arthur McKay’s design team was formed in 1994 to provide a professional engineering service to those clients who wished to embrace the then new concept of design & build.

At Arthur McKay, our design team has grown in line with our success and we now boast one of the largest in-house design teams in the industry.


Working in collaboration with you and your other contractors, Arthur McKay’s goal is to design solutions to best fit your needs and align with industry best practice.

With the evolution of sustainable building design, Arthur McKay’s design team is experienced in preparing to prevailing design standards. At times this will be in conjunction with the client’s design team, to achieve a pre-determined BREEAM rating for their new build project. Alternatively, if the project is the fit-out of a previously constructed shell and core facility, the design would be prepared to achieve a pre-determined SKA rating.

Building Information
Modelling (BIM)

Building Information Modelling or BIM as the industry knows it, is an intelligent 3D model-based process to efficiently plan, design, construct and manage the building and its infrastructure. The Arthur McKay in-house design team are all BIM trained and have experience delivering BIM projects across a wide range of market sectors.

When engaging Arthur McKay on a BIM project, the team collates the digital description of every “building services asset” to be installed during the construction phase, in order to allow a complete BIM model to be passed to the building owner. This BIM model enables the facilities management team to efficiently manage the performance of the building throughout its lifetime; providing valuable specific design and asset information when undertaking any repairs or upgrades. The BIM model is essentially a ‘live’ 3D operation and maintenance manual, continually upgraded during the life of the building.

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