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From high volume minor works worth under five thousand pounds, to large projects valued at well over £1million, the Arthur McKay team has the capability to offer a robust, well-managed service that meets the requirements and timescales of your frameworks and programmes.

Here at Arthur McKay, we understand that not all framework contacts are the same and are strategically structured to offer a true UK-wide solution as well as regional solutions.


The Arthur McKay team has vast experience working on
mini-competition tendering arrangements as well as collaborative project allocation arrangements, based on competitive schedule of rates (SOR).

With a supplier-led in-house design capability, Arthur McKay’s framework dedicated pre-construction and delivery teams can drive client value from the initial scoping meeting, right through to project completion.

Here at Arthur McKay, we are passionate about our service delivery and develop dedicated client-focused framework teams to ensure we build trust, knowledge of your processes, procedures and estate; leading to improved contract efficiencies and year-on-year savings.

Consequently, we now deliver frameworks in partnership with some of the UK’s largest organisations across both the public and private sector; from top banking institutions to prestigious universities.

Working with you

Arthur McKay’s approach is built around working in partnership with you to consistently deliver the best value on all of your framework projects or work roll-out programmes.

With extensive experience in the industry, Arthur McKay has participated in many collaborative frameworks and roll-out programmes. From property or campus asset lifecycle replacement programmes, to chiller replacements and WiFi Point of Presence (PoP) roll-out programmes, Arthur McKay’s mechanical, electrical and data project specialists have it covered.

As the majority of core services are delivered within live operational environments, working closely with clients is essential to maintaining business continuity to ensure all projects are delivered safely and to the highest standard.

Large in-house resource

Worried about not having the resource to meet your demand?

Through self-delivering all aspects of its service, Arthur McKay can provide you with the flexibility you need to efficiently deliver your framework projects. With office locations throughout the UK, Arthur McKay can supplement contracts through additional staff resource, each trained to the same standards as your core team to guarantee consistency.

With the majority of framework contracts consisting of “high volume”, “low value” works and roll-out programmes, Arthur McKay’s unique combination of a large in-house resource, strategically positioned regional offices and self-delivery ethos ensures the team is equipped to manage the fast paced volume of projects and provide high quality execution.

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