Providing cost effective, safe and quality solutions through prefabrication.

Multiple Benefits

Providing clients with safer, cost effective solutions has been at the heart of the business strategy since 1958. Arthur McKay can assist you in reducing risk and minimising disruption to your organisation by completing the assembly of essential items off-site.

This has multiple benefits, including:

  • Quality – manufacturing in a “controlled” environment enables higher quality finishes
  • Safety – welding and cutting is safer in “factory conditions”
  • Cost – the repetition of a process (i.e. fabricating light fittings) in a purpose-built environment increases efficiency and productivity
  • Waste – reduction in off-cuts and mistakes. Also, accuracy can be achieved with templates produced using CAD systems
  • Programme – elements of work can be started before Arthur McKay takes possession of the site, reducing some onsite programmes

Prefabrication Capability

Prefabrication and innovation are important elements to consider when developing construction projects. By utilising these techniques, you can achieve numerous benefits on your projects. To support your project objectives, Arthur McKay can deliver the following prefabrication elements:

  • Containerised Plantrooms
  • Multi-Service Modules for Corridors and Risers
  • Prefabricated Distribution Boards
  • Modular Wiring (plug-and-play)
  • Victaulic Pipe-Work (cut and grooved off-site for quick installation)
  • Roof Plant Bases Constructed Off-Site and Craned into Position

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